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This is CigBuster

“Every smoker should know about this”

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CigBuster – Pocket ashtray with a built-in lighter:

  • Extinguishes and stores cigarette butts

  • Easy to empty

  • Small & odourless

  • Made to stand the heat

  • Design & functions are developed with care

  • A Swedish invention covered by a patent

– CigBuster is manufactured in Sweden and the product is recyclable!

– When you buy CigBusters it will be delivered by mail within 3-6 working days, all around the world. Free shipping!!! No hidden fees.

ashtray CigBuster

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– When the lighter is empty you can easily replace it with a new one. Cricket Mini and BIC Mini fit. You should find these at your local store.

* the lighter is child proof & made by Swedish Match or BIC.


Go to Swedish site:CigBuster Swedish

ashtray CigBuster

CigBuster is small & really thin (0.87 inches at its “waist”) and will smoothly fit in your pocket.

Our product: CigBuster

"The Lighter" that stubs out & stores cigarette butts

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