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“Every smoker should know about this”

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CigBuster – Pocket ashtray with a built-in lighter:

  • Extinguishes and stores cigarette butts
  • Easy to empty
  • Small & odourless
  • Made to stand the heat
  • Design & functions are developed with care
  • A Swedish invention covered by a patent

– CigBuster is manufactured in Sweden and the product is recyclable!

– When you buy CigBusters it will be delivered by mail within 3-6 working days, all around the world. Free shipping!!! No hidden fees.

ashtray CigBuster

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– When the lighter is empty you can easily replace it with a new one. Cricket Mini and BIC Mini fit. You should find these at your local store.

* the lighter is child proof & made by Swedish Match or BIC.


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Smokers are against littering, but have a hard time not to litter:

Cigarettes are usually consumed outdoors and frequently, in a couple of minutes there is only the cigarette butt left. This small item is still burning and smells bad. It is easy to understand why the smokers want to get rid of the cigarette butts as soon as possible.

So help each other to take care of your cigarette litter!


The awereness increases around littering, but…

“The cigarette butt is the most littered item in the world”

Every day billions of cigarette butts end up on the ground. The cigarette butts are dangerous and contain cadmium, a heavy metal stored in organic tissues.

The filter is made out of a plastic fiber called cellulose acetate. The filter, containing harmful substances, has a degradation time of several years.

Cigarette butt littering is a problem in an economical, chemical and esthetical way.

Tax payers pay for all this with their money, health and well-being!


ashtray CigBuster

CigBuster is small & really thin (0.87 inches at its “waist”) and will smoothly fit in your pocket.

Therefore CigBuster Exists

In the summer of 2005 Sweden introduced a new law meaning smoking was prohibited in restaurants & bars. This forced the smokers having their cigarettes out on the streets, where most of the cigarette butts ended up.

Together with the Stockholm located inventor Jan Åkerlind we wanted to design a portable ashtray. A few years later we were ready to introduce CigBuster. The unique attribute with CigBuster is that the cigarette butts stub out in a few seconds when using CigBuster.

CigBuster will help smokers taking care of their burning litter and the product is perfect when there are no other ashtrays or bins around.

When it comes to cigarette butt littering many countries have introduced strict laws with very high fines and many more are about to follow.

With CigBuster the smokers can solve the problem with cigarette butt littering!


Our product: CigBuster

"The Lighter" that stubs out & stores cigarette butts

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